The Fund

The Pacifica Family Fund [PFF] was established in 2017 to facilitate what has always been part of the Pacifica Family Maternity Center's mission. Since the first birth in 2012, the midwives have sought opportunities to expand access to midwifery care at the birth center. PFF is a nonprofit focused on fundraising and grant-making to provide access to the full spectrum of prenatal, birth, postpartum, and newborn care at Pacifica Family Maternity Center [PFMC] for families with lower income.  

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Our vision is a world where all people have excellent and equal perinatal health outcomes. In our community, we envision a future where all Bay Area families, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to safe, respectful midwifery care at Pacifica Family Maternity Center.


The mission of Pacifica Family Fund is to provide those who face financial barriers access to education about birth choices, midwifery care, and community support at Pacifica Family Maternity Center.

To accomplish our mission, PFF strives to deliver equal access and information for pregnant persons and families of the Bay Area with diverse socioeconomic status to receive safe, supportive perinatal health care and midwifery services.  We prioritize underserved populations who may face societal barriers including: people of color, teenagers, those with low income, single parents, and trans/gender nonconforming people. Through community partnerships in outreach and education, as well as a diversified fundraising model, PFF provides educational and financial support for families with lower income to access midwifery care at PFMC.